How do I book The Tremé?

Send us an email via thetremeband@gmail.com or message through our contact page. Let us know what type of event/function it is and the date you are looking to book. We will get back to you with availability as soon as possible! Once we confirm availability, we ask for a deposit to secure your date. Normally, within a week of confirming availability.

Do you play at weddings?

Yes! We love a good wedding!

Do you play gigs other than functions?

Yes. First and foremost, we are a band that plays for the love of the music that we play. If you want us to play at your event or venue, then please get in touch and  let us know what you’re planning and we’ll see what we can do! We love festivals, parties and the opportunity to play anywhere!

How will my booking be managed?

Your booking will be dealt with mainly online by Jim or Mike, band managers, who will do their best to make things run as smoothly as possible! We are happy to speak over the phone, or meet in person, should the event require it. We try to keep things online. In our experience, we find this help to keep records of decisions made and is most time efficient in people’s busy schedules. We are happy to work with you in whichever way you are most comfortable with to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible from booking to completion!

Do we have to meet in person before the gig?

No! We don’t have to meet, but we can if it helps to put your mind at ease. We’re happy to have a coffee, a pint/glass of wine/spirit of choice(!) and talk through things if it helps to put your mind at ease. We’re here to ensure that booking us is as stress-free as possible.

How do I pay?

We accept payment via bank transfer. We ask for a deposit to secure your booking, and then the remaining balance no later than one week in advance of the event.

Do we need a contract to book?

Yes! To make sure everyone knows where they are at, we have a contract ready to roll. We’ll send a copy over to you in at the same time that we ask for a deposit. Once signed, we’re ready to roll!

Do you offer day time musicians?

Yes! We offer a range of vocalists, ukulele players, acoustic guitarists, pianists and more! Heck, we can even arrange a brass fanfare and marching drum entrance if you so wish! Make sure you include this as a part of your initial enquiry and we’ll provide you with a price!

How long is your set?

Typically, we offer 2 x 45 minute sets. Normally, they run over as we don’t like to be tight and we’re having too much fun so keep going a bit longer! We can also offer 2 x 1 hour sets too.

What time do you play until?

We ask that the band performance is completed by midnight. We often find that this fits in with noise restriction laws, but are happy to work with what fits for your event. That doesn’t mean that the party stops though! We offer DJ services to see the party out!

Do you offer DJ services?

Being a brilliant DJ is a skill, knowing how to craft a DJ set to get your whole dance floor moving is something that comes with years of experience.  Due to this fact we don’t offer a manned DJ service but are more than happy to provide playlist playback before, in between and as soon as the band finish.  This includes a mixture of latest chart and classic hits and is at no extra cost! For weddings, we recommend that the music is done by 12.30am as this often fits in with wedding venue curfews. We can arrange for this to go on later, but anything beyond 1.00am will incur an additional charge. Of course, we’re happy to work with you to do whatever is right for your event. We are more then happy to recommend some excellent DJ’s  for the whole event.  Finally  We’re happy to accept a playlist from one of your devices, but accept no responsibility for how criminal your tastes in music might be!

What do I do about disco lights?

Nothing*! We will provide fully automated lighting that will make the stage look great, and will create the atmosphere you need on the dance floor.

* If your event is in a particularly large space, we do recommend you consider additional lighting and can recommend some reliable and reasonable places to hire them from.

How much does it cost?

Each event is unique, and it’s difficult to say exactly how much. Best thing to do is send us an email or a message and we can tailor a fair price for your event.

Do you offer discount for charities?

There are so many worthy causes we’d love to support and that we have done in the past. Please consider that our musicians are professionals and that this is how they make their living to pay their bills/feed their families! We can offer generously discounted rates for worthy causes, but can’t offer completely free performances. If we can help, we’re happy to.

Do you offer a smaller bands for a smaller fee?

It’s often said that size matters, and in the case of The Tremé, this is certainly the case. To decrease the size of the band would be to decrease the quality of our performance and that is something that we’re not prepared to compromise on! If you’re looking for making things more manageable financially, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help out.

Do you offer a bigger band line up?

 More singers? Yup! More brass? Yup! Percussion? Yup! Full orchestra? Erm, give us some time to look into that one! We’re happy to make the band sound as big as your event dictates. We love to go and do what we call the “Full Funk Brothers” and make the band replicate exactly went on in the studios where all of your favourite records were made. Of course, this will impact on the cost of things, but we are happy and willing to make things work for you and your event.

Can we choose which songs you play?

We have an extensive set list already in place and can provide you with a copy to help choose your favourites and any no-go songs. We don’t want to play the Bride’s ex-boyfriend’s favourite song by accident! If there are any special requests, please ask and we’ll see what we can do. We can’t always guarantee that this will be possible but will let you know in plenty of time if not. Our advice; ask us and we’ll see what we can do!

When are you next playing in public?

Keep an eye on our social media feeds! We’ll keep you up to date with our latest public shows there!

 Is your lineup always the same?

As much as possible, yes. As we have selected some of the best musicians in the country, they are always in demand. From time to time, there are occasions when it’s not possible to get them for certain bookings. In this case, we have a range of excellent musicians and singers who are able to step in. We are particularly fussy about this, and ensure that we never compromise on quality. If this happens around the time of your booking, then we will let you know in advance of confirming your booking and prior to accepting your deposit. Our musicians are excellent professionals, and keep musicians of similar professional work ethic as good friends. As such, we’re fortunate to have a reliable pool of high quality professionals to use if necessary.

Can we choose a first dance?

Absolutely. We’ll always try to play your first dance should you so choose. There are times when full orchestration means that we feel it might not be the best for us to play it; we’ll always be honest with you here for such an important event. If you would prefer the original to be played, then we can sort that too.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we do! We can provide all necessary certification to prove this upon request. We recommend you ask you venue about this and what their requirements are in advance. Please don’t leave it until the evening before your event!

Can you play in venues with noise limiters?

If we’re honest, we dread hearing these two words together. It sends shivers down our spines, but yes, we can. Please beware that they can cause problems. If there is a noise limiter in a venue, and we trigger it, then we can lose power to our PA system. In which case, there is very little we can do unfortunately. An eight piece band including a three piece brass section and a drum kit is not the quietest of things before any microphones go anywhere near it! We have heard of bands having to organise impromptu Acapella sets as they are too loud for the limiter! To avoid any potential disappointment, we strongly advise you check out if the venue you are using has any noise limiters or volume restrictions prior to booking either the venue or band!

Where are you based?

Although our musicians live across the north of England, our “home” base is the beautiful city of Liverpool.

How far will you travel?

Short answer: If we can get to you, we will get to you! Longer answer: We’ve played at the tip of Scotland, and as far south as isn’t France in the UK. Anywhere that is less than a two hour journey via road comes on the house. If we have to travel further, then we have to adjust costs due to further expense incurred. Don’t worry, we won’t be greedy here- we want to come and play for you!

Will you travel internationally?

A gig in the sun? A gig in the snow? We’d LOVE to! Please be aware though, there are major cost implications for this. Did we say we’d love to though? because we would…..



line ups


Standard Line up

Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitar,

Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone


Funk Brothers Experience

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocalists, Bass, Percussion, Drums,

 Keys, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone

DJ Service

Yes – Included in fee

Playlist before band.

Playlist in-between sets

and after the band

Performance Options

2 x 45 min set


60 min set

2 x 60 min sets

(Extra Charge £200)

3 x 30 min sets

1x 30 min set 1 x 1:15